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Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring!

We had fun at the park skipping pebbles by the stream. We made new friends. We shared our favorite things. We took turns.

skipping pebbles

The boys were 5 and 7-years-old. The younger had a speech delay. It didn’t bother Stephen. He was happy to have some company doing the things he loves most. I sat on the wall and picked up handfuls of pebbles from the stream bed. Each child held out his hand for a small handful at a time. Sometimes they would find a larger pebble, but mostly they were happy with the tiny handfuls…

skipping pebbles2

Three boys and just another neighborhood mom at the park…

skipping pebbles3

Friends and strangers…

skipping pebbles4

The simple joys of spring!

it's the simple things in life...

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