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My Motto


I play it cool
I dig all jive
That’s the reason
I stay alive
My motto
As I live and learn
Is dig and be dug in return

Langston Hughes

It’s one of those days…
I’m so glad I have a “motto” to live by. My hubby and I had the trials and tribulations of a lifetime with family over the Independence Day holiday weekend. And so I leave you with a parting thought…


Wishing the best for all of my family and friends! A special thanks to my readers and my blogger friends out there. Can’t wait for the drama to die down 😐
I hope to get a chance to catch up with you more soon!


The Saga Continues…

Life is always a long story (or at least one would hope!)
No discontented ramblings here…

“The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”


Today I am both, mouse and man, as referred to in the poem.
My family’s plan to move is subject to constant revision.

Weekly Writing Challenge: Fifty | The Daily Post

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One Word Photo Challenge: Red (Apple Picking with Great-Grandma)

One of our favorite family activities is apple picking at the local orchards. This photo reminds me of a time that was particularly special. It was one of our last family outings with Great-Grandma. She’s no longer with us and we miss her so much – her light-hearted humor, her stories, and her princess personality. She was always the princess – even in old age.


My grandma had Alzheimer’s. It seemed funny to me that even when she could no longer remember that my father was not my brother and her daughter was not her mother, she still remembered little Stephen had Autism and couldn’t talk. Stephen and Great-Grandma had a special silent connection that was beyond words! We love and miss you Grandma ❤


This post is in response to: One Word Photo Challenge: Red | Jennifer Nichole Wells.

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One Word Photo Challenge: Purple (Winter Sunset)

This week I’m posting a photo collage in response to: One Word Photo Challenge: Purple | Jennifer Nichole Wells  The first thing that came to mind when I read this week’s photo challenge wasn’t a picture I had taken but rather an image in my mind…

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One Word Photo Challenge: Blue

For this week’s photo challenge, I didn’t want a cliché photo (water for the color blue.) I decided to try some symbolism…

I chose this photo because in this photo I see

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One Word Photo Challenge: Yellow

I’ve had a very stressful week – without even 5 minutes to myself! In just the few minutes it takes to write this short post I’ve been interrupted numerous times with the constant demands of motherhood. I find myself looking to the brighter side of things. I took this pic on my iPhone while waiting for an appointment! 🙂
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Give a Pat on the Back to Parents of Kids who are Autistic!

Reblogged from one of the blogs I read and enjoy – Rasing 5 Kids with Disabilities and Remaining Sane – gotta love the remaining sane part! Can it be done? With a bit of humor and a lot of optimism, I think maybe it is possible to remain sane – lol – but without the ability to see the “silver lining” – I’m not sure if it can be done. You’re certainly free to give it a shot, but I wouldn’t say I’d recommend it. Life is not just the cards you’re dealt but how you learn to play them!

Raising 5 Kids With Disabilities and Remaining Sane Blog


Parents of children with autism will never tell you that raising their child is easy…it’s not! I joke around, look for the silver lining, take things in stride, and present a smiley face to the world. However, raising my son, Steven, has been, and continues to be, an extremely difficult parenting challenge.

Memories of how hard it has been flooded back to me when my hubby and I went away for a romantic weekend at our little cabin in the woods of New Hampshire. With the sub zero weather whirling around outside, we were sitting on the couch sipping hot chocolate with lots of tiny, melting marshmallows. (Okay, maybe HE had some Kailua in his, but mine really DID just have marshmallows!) As the heat rose up from the small grate on the floor, I was transported back to the time when we first purchased the cabin. Because Steven had…

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I’ve been trying desperately to relax and unwind from a very busy holiday season. This is my son’s 3rd day back to school since Christmas, the house is a mess, I’m behind on chores, I don’t have meals made for my son’s gluten free, restricted egg and dairy diet, I have more work to do than energy…

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