Help! My Valentine Smells like Poop!


No, not you honey – my other valentine. The little guy. Stephen is 7 years old and still not potty trained. We’ve had our share of challenges. Stephen has special needs. He’s non-verbal autistic and legally deaf-blind. This past summer he finally graduated to eating solid foods. Now we have our sights set on the next big milestone. I’m going to need you to cheer me on for this one. In all honesty, I’d rather go mountain climbing. Read More

Sunshine on a Poopy Day

Yesterday we got hit with a snow storm here in Connecticut and our 4 day long weekend was extended to 5 days. So we got a jump-start on our Poopy Valentines Day plan: potty training my 7 year-old non-verbal autistic, special needs son. It was a rough day – to say the least. We didn’t make it even 5 minutes between wet underwear, but Stephen did manage to pee on the potty 3 times in one day (a record number of times in a row.) It’s a start and I keep reminding myself a long journey begins with the first step. After 8 hours of potty training my son was so exhausted he got into bed (my bed of course) an hour before bedtime. Read More

Dreaming of Flowers

Well, I’ve been dreaming again…

Hang on someone’s banging in the bathroom…

potty training fun 😐

Ok I’m back but I only have 25 min. so I’ll try to be quick! Read More

Not Giving Up

It’s something I struggle with. Something worthwhile for everyone. It’s advice that’s easy to give but much harder to take (Isn’t all advice that way?) Read More

What? It’s 2:22 am and you just realized you’re out of diapers? (Crisis management)

I’m writing today because I believe writing is therapeutic. After all if you don’t like it you don’t have to read it. (I do hope you’ll like it.) The written word is unlike the spoken word. With the spoken word, I don’t want to hear it just doesn’t work.

So when a teenage single mom texts at 2:22 am and says,
“I ran out of diapers and he pooped help!! ”

What do I say… Read More

Our Story (seizures in infancy)

2 Days before Christmas our 5 month old son was admitted to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center with seizures known as Infantile Spasms. Stephen had been having seizures for 8 days. On the third day, the pediatrician we knew from church thought it was gas.

Over the 8 days symptoms progressed from a shrugging motion in the shoulders to both the shoulders shrugging and legs moving upward towards the chest almost like a tucking motion you’d make to do a somersault. I was concerned that the movement seemed involuntary and didn’t stop when I moved him or changed his position. Then a side to side eye movement started. These episodes only lasted a few seconds at first and then grew longer and longer… Read More