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Learning to Blog – Student, Teacher

I’m no expert in the subject, but I have learned so much from my fellow bloggers. A good place to start (says me because this is how I started) is by following The Daily Post. There really is a wealth of information on WordPress for new bloggers! In this post I will teach you the highlights of what I have learned (as a blogging 101 and blogging 201 student) in the past few months. There are tips and tricks for both new bloggers and experienced bloggers here. A Holistic Journey has some great tips on how to succeed as a blogger.

I blog therefore I am

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Blogging for my Sanity

It’s amazing how much things have changed in the few short months since I started blogging.

My 7-year-old, non-verbal son is sitting in a nice warm sunny window watching Alphabet Amusement Park on Netflix. Over the last few months, he’s learned to navigate Netflix on the iPad like a pro. He unlocks the iPad with a pass code and without assistance, get’s on Netflix and chooses the correct user account (so that Netflix will stop prompting me to watch Leap Frog, Signing Time, or another movie/tv show for children that I’m already singing the theme songs to as I drift off to sleep every night…)

My blog has become a journal of personal experiences, a place to be myself, and to renew my strength. At first I wasn’t sure anyone would want to read what I wrote. My adventure in advocating publicly for children with autism and special needs began with a Facebook page. I quickly realized inspirational quotes, funny sayings, photos and bad news were the most popular Facebook posts. I was disappointed. I didn’t reach as many special needs parents as I had hoped. The resources I found over the past 7 years weren’t getting much attention. I had spent hours researching, reading, and learning how best to help my son, and I wanted nothing more than to share what I had learned, hoping the considerable effort I made would save some other exhausted parent time and energy.

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WordPress Meet and Greet – All Bloggers Welcome

I’ve been blogging for a few months now and I’m working on adding a section for my fellow bloggers. We truly have an amazing community of bloggers here! I love you guys! You’re the best 😉 HarsH ReaLiTy has some amazing posts to reference. For now, here’s a post to get you started…

To participate (on this blog post):

1. Please leave a short (140 characters or less) description of your blog and/or why we should read it. You may also use the tag line of your blog. (If you don’t have one – you probably should!)

2. The only requirement is that you are actively blogging (at least 1 post a month), and you’ve made some effort to get your blog set up (i.e. your tag line isn’t “this site is the bee’s knees”)

3. Please keep the your comments here appropriate for all readers. Please do not leave empty links without an introduction, don’t leave comments like “please follow me”, and don’t post self-promotion comments on other posts on my blog. If you’ve already done this in the past, don’t worry. I forgive you. I’ve taken the time to add this post just for you! You may continue to leave pingbacks on any writing or photography challenge that you are also participating in. You may also leave pingbacks on any post on my blog as long as the pingback is relevant to the topic at hand and is not offensive to me or my readers. (The Opinionated Man may just be the exception to the rule 😉 but seriously if the content may be perceived as offensive at least let it serve a purpose, be thought-provoking and have something worthwhile to say!)

I’m not a big fan of rules, but please reference the links for commenting etiquette and making conversation. I really don’t want legitimate comments to get caught in the spam filter!

Happy Blogging! 🙂