PPT Season, Tears, and Frustrations

Yet another phone call from school, and I’n choking back the tears…

I hope and pray for a place where he too can belong. Stephen is Deafblind and everyday we challenge the misconseptions we’re met with. 

So far we’ve been through 4 placements and this 5th one may not be his last. He was in a 50/50 preschool class, the autism program, the MPH (multiple physical handicap program, the KEY program, and now the school for the Deaf. He’s in 4th grade now with severe language and communication delays. There are only 2 programs that I know of nationwide that specialize in Deafblindness. The thought that maybe there just aren’t any schools in state equiped to deal with his primary disability is terrifying. 

So I pray for the courage to fight another day, to not give in to despair, to see the infinite world of possibilities that I see and for just once to meet a teacher that sees the same.

5 thoughts on “PPT Season, Tears, and Frustrations”

    1. Thank-you so much 🙂 I’ve been so busy this past month with legal and educational paperwork. It’s a shame we have to fight so hard for our kids to get an education! I wish there was more oversight and enforcement of educational laws. Then maybe our local school districts would work with the parents to educate the children!

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  1. I know this comment is coming months after you posted this, but Stephen is blessed to have a mother that cares so much about him and his education! I know it’s tough having to constantly fight for his right to an equal and appropriate education but don’t stop! Keep fighting. It will be well worth it!

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