To Those Who Sacrificed

May a grateful country remember your service, today and always…

Memorial Day 2006 - Washington, DC

Paige Lavender captures in stunning pictures and videos, “Here’s A Reminder Of What Memorial Day Is All About.”

homeless veteran

Kevin Freking writes about the challenges formerly homeless veteran, David Dyer, faces to support President Obama’s pledge to eliminate homelessness among veterans by the end of 2015. Formerly Homeless Vets Return To Streets To Help Others In Need.


Jose Antonio Vargas remembers immigrants who serve the military in Defining American on Memorial Day.

Sabrina Siddiqui reports, “Sen. John Walsh (D-Mont.) posed a question to his colleagues on Capitol Hill… If lawmakers are willing to spend billions of dollars on war, why are they less willing to invest in the welfare of veterans when they come home?” in John Walsh: Preventing Veteran Suicide Is ‘The Cost Of War’.

May a grateful country always remember the cost of war…

Charity Navigator advises how best to Support Our Troops.

Image Sources:
Flag by Kim Hill – CC BY-ND 2.0
Memorial Day 2006 – Washington, DC by jdcdc – CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Homeless Veteran by Alaina Abplanalp – CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
American flag, Navy Pier, Chicago by Franken Teacher – CC BY 2.0


Understanding the basics of minimalism

Food for thought… There is so much I can live without. I’m feeling motivated to start cleaning and downsizing now!!! (Stay tuned for How To Motivate Me – part 3)

Kate's Apartmentsteading


Minimalism is a new buzz word, isn’t it? It used to be about architecture and design, but recently it’s become a new fad in which privileged bachelors denounce their worldly goods- and in some cases, even their high paying jobs- and hit the road to do as they please.

I’ve come across quite a few camps of thinking on minimalism and what it means. There are those who count their possessions- 100 or less, and there are those who are not happy unless they live in a pristine white environment. But if one thing were constantly true about minimalism, it’s that it is personal.

I think we get hung up on the wrong values in minimalism. For example, instead of counting how many objects we own, shouldn’t we be counting how many hours we spend on Facebook instead of with our family? I always feel really sad when I happen…

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How To Motivate Me (part 2) Progress Not Perfection

It’s always easy to get motivated when I see progress. Cleaning the house while the kids are still growing – is like shoveling the walk while it’s still snowing…

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How to Motivate Me (Part 1)

I look around and all I see are things that I need to do. Clutter everywhere, dishes to do, laundry to hang, dinner to prep or more greasy take-out and yet another stomach ache? It’s overwhelming and I’m not feeling motivated at all! So today I’m on a quest to find what motivates us…

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A beautiful mother’s day poem by digital dimensions – Happy Mother’s Day!

Digital Dimensions

Mother's day paid photo


She is

your first companion

She is

your first teacher

She is

Always by your side

To change your tears to smiles

To chase away your fears

She is

always near to lend a helping hand

She is

always dear

To stay in your heart

Now and forever

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers!

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Learning to Blog – Student, Teacher

I’m no expert in the subject, but I have learned so much from my fellow bloggers. A good place to start (says me because this is how I started) is by following The Daily Post. There really is a wealth of information on WordPress for new bloggers! In this post I will teach you the highlights of what I have learned (as a blogging 101 and blogging 201 student) in the past few months. There are tips and tricks for both new bloggers and experienced bloggers here. A Holistic Journey has some great tips on how to succeed as a blogger.

I blog therefore I am

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring!

We had fun at the park skipping pebbles by the stream. We made new friends. We shared our favorite things. We took turns.

skipping pebbles

The boys were 5 and 7-years-old. The younger had a speech delay. It didn’t bother Stephen. He was happy to have some company doing the things he loves most. I sat on the wall and picked up handfuls of pebbles from the stream bed. Each child held out his hand for a small handful at a time. Sometimes they would find a larger pebble, but mostly they were happy with the tiny handfuls…

skipping pebbles2

Three boys and just another neighborhood mom at the park…

skipping pebbles3

Friends and strangers…

skipping pebbles4

The simple joys of spring!

it's the simple things in life...

Spring! | The Daily Post.

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learning how we learn

When educating a child with autism or special needs it’s important to take a look at how we learn. But wait a minute, if this works, won’t it work for me too? Of course it will! Let’s take a look at the science behind how we learn new skills. Every time we learn a new skill the brain forms new connections.

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Monday Madness: What’s your vision for the future?

It’s Monday again, and I’m still exhausted from a busy weekend. It’s 4:25 and I haven’t gotten anything (scratch that) as much as I would like accomplished.

Last week we had a PPT (planning and placement team) meeting and the principal asked, “What’s your vision for the future?” Setting goals without a vision for the future is like building a house without a blueprint. We all need a vision for the future. “To make dreams real first you need to have them.” I read it in a fortune cookie, but I took it as words of wisdom and taped it up on my refrigerator.

So what is my vision for the future?

Image of iphone displaying digital clock, resembeling the control pannel in the time machine car, from the movie Back to the Future

Well, let me adjust the circuits on my iPhone to July 1st 2027. My son graduated high school this year. He is now 21 (disabled children in the United States are entitled to a free and appropriate public school education up to the age of 21.) Stephen is living in a multi-family home with his own apartment on one side and family on the other. He’s able to take care of himself and he’s well prepared for independent living. He has the support of his family/neighbors. He’s not all alone in the world. He can communicate his needs, wants, thoughts, and feelings.

"Future Earth" note the missing color (green.)
“Future Earth” note the missing color

Rewind to today,

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