The Apple of My Eye (My non-verbal autistic son apple picking)

One Word Photo Challenge: Red (Apple Picking with Great-Grandma)

One of our favorite family activities is apple picking at the local orchards. This photo reminds me of a time that was particularly special. It was one of our last family outings with Great-Grandma. She’s no longer with us and we miss her so much – her light-hearted humor, her stories, and her princess personality. She was always the princess – even in old age.


My grandma had Alzheimer’s. It seemed funny to me that even when she could no longer remember that my father was not my brother and her daughter was not her mother, she still remembered little Stephen had Autism and couldn’t talk. Stephen and Great-Grandma had a special silent connection that was beyond words! We love and miss you Grandma ❤


This post is in response to: One Word Photo Challenge: Red | Jennifer Nichole Wells.

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The Apple of My Eye (My non-verbal autistic son apple picking)


9 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Red (Apple Picking with Great-Grandma)”

    1. I think Stephen was unique to Grandma. I could understand how she could confuse me for her daughter (I also lived with my grandparents for awhile durring the teen years.) It made sense that she’d confuse her daughter with her mother (her daughter was her caregiver in her old age.) It’s funny how the mind works… Thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂


  1. The love in the photograph between Stephen and his Grandma is beautiful and so strong to see. Such precious moments. Feel privileged to read this post. Thank you for sharing!


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