Waiting for the Golden Years

This last month has been one of the most hectic times in my life. I keep waiting for things to settle down. I’ve had the stomach bug for 3 days now. I suppose it’s time to see a doctor, but all I really want to do is rest.

When will the golden years come? All my life I’ve heard people say it will get easier when you’re older. I’m not sure that it ever gets easier. I know my perspective has changed so much over the years. Things that were once the end of the world are now just speed bumps.

Wednesday afternoon we drove through a snow storm on our way home from moving our daughter and grandson out-of-state. I was looking forward to getting home and taking a few hours to rest before getting back to work.

march snow storm

By the time we got home it was near midnight, and I started to get sick soon after that. It’s Sunday morning now and I haven’t even made it to the grocery store since I’ve been home.

“The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.”

We’ve had to rescue cousins 4 times in the last 4 days – a trip to the emergency room, the pharmacy, state police barracks, impound lot, and last but not least trying to help another homeless relative. 3 Homeless relatives in less than 30 days! This isn’t the world of extravagance I grew up in.

I’ve told the kids stories of the things I learned in school – wise men know it’s an incomplete and inaccurate education. In school they taught me that the economy in the United States was recession proof because it was capitalistic. Communism and Socialism were a threat to our American freedoms. Social Security was going to prevent future generations from facing the hardships of  years gone by (also known as the depression era.) I’m glad I was never a blind believer in fairy tales.

I find myself falling back on the things my grandparents taught me. Things my parents learned – like cooking for an army on a dime, gardening, homesteading, and the age-old saying “waste not, want not.” As a family we can barely get by ourselves, and yet everyone is turning to us for help.

My hubby and I said yesterday, “When did we become the responsible ones?” We don’t throw away food – we eat it past the expiration date as long as it can be salvaged. We barely use paper towels. We’re disappointed if a roll doesn’t last at least a month. We don’t use much of anything disposable. In a world full of waste we live like we were born in a different century.  We cook from scratch. We rarely eat processed foods.

Some days it feels like the golden years have already passed and we missed it in the blink of an eye. We’re parents of a child with special needs and there is always a lingering fear of what the future holds. Yet we know, “We will get by… We will Survive… A Touch of Grey…”

We hold tightly to hope and we dream of the golden years – sitting on the swing with my hubby in old age, watching the sunset….

This post is in response to: Weekly Writing Challenge: Golden Years | The Daily Post.

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