A BAD DAY! (crying)

Bad news fellow bloggers 😥
My entire blog is displaying incorrectly in the reader. More tags and featured images do not work at all.

I’m ready to give up on blogging because basically I will need to start from scratch with a new theme and figure out a workaround for this new reader bug!

Mega-dose of Prozac needed!

Every single post will need to be edited to remove more tags and as far as the featured images go I have no idea how to fix it so that they work in the reader again (they were working in my posts last week.)

This theme won’t work if the more tags are no longer supported. This theme will duplicate 2 of the same photo in a row if I use the featured image at the top of the post and as the featured image. It looks as though only posts that began with the photo now show the photo as the featured image. The side bar featured image in the writer no longer works…

UPDATE: There is something going on with reader. It appears as though wordpress is making some changes in how the reader works. Earlier today my posts were missing more tags, featured images, and titles when viewed in the reader (feed.) I think I will take the advice of family and blogger friends and take a break from blogging for a few days. I’m hoping wordpress will resolve the issues.

If anyone is experiencing these bugs in the reader please feel free to comment here 😥

ANOTHER UPDATE: I really feel like deleting this post now, but I decided to leave it in case someone else out there is feeling discouraged. Just a reminder we all get discouraged at times and you are not alone!

11 thoughts on “A BAD DAY! (crying)”

  1. Julie, Don’t stop! Your blog is awesome, and a source of inspiration to many. Perhaps your computer is just being funky today. 😦 (This post actually looks fine to me.) I’m using the Twenty-Eleven Theme and haven’t had any problems so far, if that helps. I hope your day gets better and I want you to know that I really enjoy and look forward to your posts. 🙂 {BTW, I didn’t click Like because I don’t like that you’re having a rough day.} I know what it’s like to have the stress of every day with a special needs child, and balancing that with the rest of the family and then the computer acts up and it makes ya want to scream. But just remember, you are an amazing Mama and a terrific lady and encouraging to so many people that stop by to read what you’re doing. I appreciate you! 🙂 I hope your day gets better and you have a wonderful week! 😀 ~Rachel


    1. Thanks Rachel,
      My hubby wants me to forget about the blog for today and go visit relatives. It just sucks because I’ll be upset the whole time over all the work I’ve put into this blog (don’t think I’ll be able to focus on anything else.) I really liked this theme but it seems some bug with the reader has changed everything. I’ll have to start with a new theme and edit each individual post to get them to display correctly. It’s going to take days of experimenting…

      I’m so sad that something that brought me such joy is now a source of frustration and despair. I’ll try not to give up. It’s just going to take me awhile to figure out the 2 major reader bugs and develop a workaround!

      Thanks for the encouragement!
      Love , Julie


      1. I agree with hubby…Take some “me-time” and walk away for a few hours or a couple of days, then when you come back, you’ll feel more regenerated. 😀 Have a relaxing evening! 🙂


  2. Hi, Julie. 🙂
    Honestly, I don’t know how to do with those tags. But, I think your frustration means your goal is high. So don’t stop blogging. We are always with you! 😉


    1. Thanks seikaiha!
      I’m feeling better about it today. I was just so frustrated and this blog is my peaceful place. I’ll try not to be so perfectionistic 😉 I think it gets me discouraged sometimes. I don’t think I can quit blogging now. I love coming here and meeting new people. I’m so grateful to have other bloggers encouraging me!
      Love, Julie


  3. Don’t stop blogging Julie! Take a break, give it a little air… and come back with all your love and all your magic… I know there are many of us waiting to read your posts… 🙂


    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement! On a happier note I was able to restore old photos from a backup drive (old computer.) Now I just need to make an external drive out of the drive from a laptop I burned out (but that’s a project for another day.) I have lots to work on to prepare for moving out of state. I think working on photos will be a happy break between tasks. Photography is one of my favorite hobbies. Hopefully it will keep me motivated and optimistic!


      1. I’m sure you’ll enjoy working with your photos… and it will help you relax… I know you’re stressed from the move… but you’ll see everything will work out beautifully… Remember I’m always here and I’m rooting for you!!


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