One Word Photo Challenge: Yellow

I’ve had a very stressful week – without even 5 minutes to myself! In just the few minutes it takes to write this short post I’ve been interrupted numerous times with the constant demands of motherhood. I find myself looking to the brighter side of things. I took this pic on my iPhone while waiting for an appointment! 🙂

sun shining above the clouds

This post is in response to: One Word Photo Challenge: Yellow | Jennifer Nichole Wells
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6 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Yellow”

  1. It looks like it was a beautiful day out! Great picture. I’m still constantly surprised on how far phone cameras have come. I’m sorry your week has been so stressful. I wish you the best in the week to come. Constantly focus on your joys 🙂


    1. Any day you can bear to be outside longer than necessary is a “beautiful day” in February – here in New England! lol Thanks Jen, I’m always trying to caputure the sunrays. This is one of my best sunshine pics. I too am amazed how far cell phone cameras have come – the only drawback is that I don’t take out my “real camera” as often as I should! Having fun with these weekly photo challenges is really helping me focus on my joys 🙂 I’ve been neglecting my hobbies and sometimes I just need to decompress and be me – not just mommy!


      1. I don’t carry around my real camera nearly as much as I should either! I really do rely on my phone so much. Haha. I’m glad the challenges have been helping you decompress. Hosting this challenge has been helping me too. I so easily get distracted and stressed by my day job that when I don’t have a commission for my work going I barely photograph at all. No matter what else, now I know I’ll shoot something at least once or twice a week if not more and when I get into it I really do love it. Keep being a beautiful person 🙂


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